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James S Pendergraft an Abortionist | Orlando Women's Center

James S Pendergraft is an abortionist who has 25 years of experience and committed to developing cutting edge surgical and medical procedure techniques that are safe and efficient for terminating pregnancies between 3 to 24 weeks gestation.

His offices have the latest lab and medical equipment which are designed for patient safety and comfort.

Patients feel the highest quality medical care from the warm, friendly and caring staff.

Background of James

James was born on July 4, 1957, and grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is the eldest son of a mortician and a nurse.

James completed his Bachelors from the University of North Carolina in 1978, and also completed his Medicinae Doctorate from Meharry Medical College in 1982. 

JamesS Pendergraft MD takes medical training from U.S. Army, residency at a hospital affiliated with University of Maryland fellowship in high-risk obstetrics, University of South Florida, with elite credentials.


JamesS Pendergraft is expertise in doing the late-term abortion for the patients who are not able to take advantage of the early surgical or medical abortion, offers them surgical or medical terminations up to 24 weeks gestation.


  • The late-term abortion is very risky, but his clinic offers high-quality medical care services with warm, friendly and caring gestures. 

  • Orlando Women's Center offer a referral abortion clinic office in the Washington D.C. area. Women come from different cities in Virginia, Maryland and the Washington D.C. area which include Northern Virginia area for the surgery.

  • They have the late term physicians and consultants who have over 100 years of combined experience, provide you the most advanced methods available for terminating second trimester, third trimester and late term abortion.

  • They use a unique medical abortion pill process, which is developed by Dr Pendergraft in 1990.

  • The women's care center are there to give comfort, compassion to the women before or after surgery.

  • Immediate appointment facilities are also available in the clinic for consultation.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Where To Get Late Term Abortions

Abortion pill is the legal method and increasingly popular way to legally terminate an early pregnancy. The Food and Drug Administration mandates that a health care provider who meets with some criteria like their qualification, etc. can only prescribe medication. It is also true that around half of the pregnancy is not planned and 1% women choose to abort their pregnancy. It can be difficult and emotional time to choose this option. Abortion Clinic Tampa provides help for the medical abortion.

Can Abortion Pills Prevent Pregnancy 

The abortion pills are effective near about eight weeks into a pregnancy. It stops pregnancy growth and forces the uterus to fight pregnancy. Starting from the time you take the second pill, it typically takes near about six hours for the abortion to complete. Therefore, it means that the whole process takes several days. The first and second pill needs to be consumed a day or two apart, the abortion from your system can take a few days. 

However, the doctor considers this procedure incomplete as the exam need to confirm the abortion need anywhere between two to three weeks after the second pill. Once the doctor clears you, your body is safe from any danger. During this time, you may expel the massive blood clots or tissues as the pregnancy aborts. Thus, it better to take rest for some time. Many women prefer to stay at home for the first few hours after consuming the second medicine. After the abortion, you may still face bleeding for near about four weeks. If your pregnancy is less 12 weeks consult, Second trimester abortion clinic for this. 

Unlike surgical abortions, abortion via pill is done by swallowing the medicine; thus, it causes no effect on the reproductive organs. It means that it has never causes breast cancer or infertility in females. Unless there are severe or rare complications that are not cured, there is also no risk to your overall health or future pregnancies like congenital disabilities, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, infant death, or miscarriage. However, if you do not want to become pregnant at this time, it is vital to use contraceptives as soon as you have started making sexual relations with your partner. The risks are similar as you face after a natural miscarriage and it is vital to prevent these complications. There are rare and little chances that the complications can arise that may affect your pregnancy or fertility. You can get these abortion pills online as well if you have doubt, Where to get late term abortions pills.
Usually, a medication abortion works completely. However, even if everything goes as it should, you need to have a follow-up appointment in a week or two after the abortion. Your doctor will ensure that your abortion is fully complete and if it is not, you may need an extra procedure known as dilation and curettage that eliminates the tissue from the uterus. However, there are specific signals that tell that you should immediately seek the help of the experienced medical practitioner during your abortion. 

Long-term and severe emotional issues after an abortion are rare. They are more likely to occur in the people who have to end the pregnancy due to any health reasons, who have the history of mental health issues, or the people who do not have any support regarding their abortion decision. Just remember that forcing abortion or forcing a woman to keep the baby against her will is a criminal and illicit offense and even deadly for her body. In addition, there are certain myths related to after-effects of the abortion pill. Your doctor or nurse will give you the correct information about the side effects or any other worries that you have.

Monday, October 14, 2019

How Orlando Abortion Clinic Altamonte Works?

Medical abortion is the safest and fastest procedure. Abortion, which is done with the proper medical regulation by the best expert, does not affect future fertility. Both methods are safe, but sometimes surgery, abortion arises issues only when if illegally or wrongly performed by an inexpert doctor whereby there is an infection or damage during the procedure to reproductive system organs like Fallopian tube or ovaries or uterus lining. Abortion Clinic Altamonte is the best clinic in the region for medical abortion. 

40% of the women in the US will have at least one abortion in their whole life. There can be different reasons for this. It is not a tough decision to take a decision about abortion, even if the choice is right for you. Sometimes, having the procedure also may not end your mixed feelings about your choice. Being sad, grieving, or feeling unsure after your system does not mean it was the wrong decision. You consult with late term abortion medication is regarding your abortion discussion. 

The abortion pill is the best and effective way to eliminate the unwanted pregnancy. The combination of two medicines is most effective, and most of the women prefer this natural way of abortion. No doubts, these pills also have some side effects, which can be handled within a few days. It is a common myth even in the educated society that abortion pills are responsible for severe and permanent hormonal imbalance in the female body. However, it is not valid in every case; it is a false claim. Still, it is essential that women and their caretakers must take pragmatic steps to learn more about before choosing abortion pills. As it is essential and useful not in the abortion phase, but the recovery phase as well. If you want to terminate your unexpected pregnancy, then visit Second trimester abortion clinic Miami if your pregnancy is more than 12 weeks. 

How abortion pills are different from the morning pills?

These abortion pills are different from morning-after pills. These pills help are highly useful to stop pregnancy growing while other medicines like the morning after pills or additional emergency contraception to prevent ovulation from occurring. The emergency contraception pill does not work if you are already ovulating. In this case, emergency contraception can’t do anything to stop you from getting pregnant. Thus, Copper IUD is the only alternative that can work to create an inflammatory reaction toxin to sperms, and that is why it is called the best form of emergency contraception. The abortion pills reversal groups claim that it is effective at least within 24 hours, and 55% chances are, pregnancy will continue. The reversal process offers no guarantee of success. It is true that more than 100 babies have been born successfully after the completion of this process. Abortion pill cost Orlando offers medical abortion services at the nominal price.

In the case of medical abortion, your doctor gives you a prescription about medicines such as oral mifepristone and misoprostol. Although misoprostol is commonly taken orally, some take it vaginally or any other way as well. These pills are helpful to terminate pregnancy hormones and cause uterine contractions to push out the embryo. It mainly takes 4-5 hours to expel out the tissue. Moreover, this process also causes heavy bleeding than usual menstrual bleeding, and it means you should have a good supply of pads in this case. It can be possible that you will pass some large and big clots. These clots remain for some hour or some days, but your bleeding will continue for a number of days or even weeks also. Abortion, which is done with the proper medical regulation by an expert, does not affect future fertility. Abortion Clinic Prices is reasonable and are the best clinic in the region to get medical services. 

Where to get in abortion pill in US

Abortion related complications are rare, but they do happen. In any case, a problem arises, then abortion provider is the best source of information and care. If you require medical attention and cannot return to the abortion provider for care, then you may seek another medical help from third trimester abortion clinic.
If the abortion pill fails, it means continuing pregnancy. It is a pregnancy that continues to develop even after taking Misoprostol. In rare cases, it is still possible to have a continue pregnancy even after heavy bleeding. Thus, it simply implies that abortion failed completely.

A medical abortion is considered as a failure, when a surgical procedure is performed to complete the abortion for numbers of reason, including incomplete abortion, continuing pregnancy and patient request etc. Failure is the recognized complication of medical abortion. Medical abortion protocols emphasize the importance of counseling women about the risk of failure. There are a number of reasons for the failure of medical abortion. If you have any issue find out where to get abortion pills.
Most of the abortion pills are effective and only 2% to 8% abortion pills fail. It is easy to terminate pregnancy in the starting weeks. The chances of the successful abortion are more in this case. The highest 8% failure rate is linked with taking abortion medications later in your pregnancy and possibly outside the intended approval period. Only 2% abortion fails and continued with the pregnancy. In this case, you must consult with a doctor for the further treatment.
There are mainly three steps to follow this process, but before taking the abortion pill, you will need to,
1. You must discuss your options with your doctor according to your health
2. Medical history
3. Laboratory tests
4. Physical exam such as ultrasound
Mifepristone and Misoprostol do not have any type of the side effects on the future fertility, according to the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Conversely, the long-term effects of these drugs have not been considered as comprehensively as the surgical procedures.
Is abortion pill safe?
Most of the women have a safe medication abortion. But, all the medical procedures have some risks. Similarly, these pills also have some risks such as infection, fever, heavy bleeding, nausea, dizziness, undetected ectopic pregnancy. In extremely rare cases, very serious complications may be fatal. The risk of death from medication abortion is much less than from a full-term pregnancy or childbirth. However, this method is less offensive in comparison to the surgical procedure, but it may lead to certain side-effects too. If you are adopting this method to terminate your pregnancy, you must aware about the probable side-effects of these abortion pills before you take them. Medically induced abortion is 99% effective and even, it is completely safe, pain-free and infection-free for woman. It doesn't require surgical instruments, anesthesia and hospitalization. If you are feeling some complications than consult Third Trimester Abortion Clinic for their best services.
It is important to take care of yourself completely after taking these pills. Follow these steps until your bleeding completely stops:
1. Try to avoid introducing objects in your vagina, including tampons and the menstrual cup.
2. Try to avoid heavy physical activities such as exercising, carrying heavy objects, walking more than normal etc.
In some cases, after taking these pills woman’s my suffer from diarrhea. You may feel discomfort and cramping after consuming these pills. The loss of excessive amount of blood and other fluid from the body may cause cramping in other body parts. These are common type of the side effects that almost woman every woman experience after taking abortion pills. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take care of your diet properly so that you can handle these cramps in a better way. The most important thing you must know the difference between Abortionpill vs medical procedure to proceed further.